Our Projects - What we have already done

Here are some concrete examples what we delivered to our clients:
  • Forecast tool for a hydro-power plant to correctly decide if to produce or buy the required electricity in the open market
    • Result: increase of the return on sales by 5 %
  • Modeling of the european energy market within a decision-support tool for investments in new power plants with an integrated dynamic market simulation
    • Result: reduction of sunk costs for investments and overall reduction of the investment risk by saving money on projects with a negative payoff
  • Forecast tool for the energy purchase in the open market
    • Result: Cost reduction
  • Furthermore we worked on:
    • Smell annoyance alarm tool for state authorities to intervene if certain boundary values for the air are exceeding (special combination of chemical substances)
    • City planning with focus on traffic avoidance
    • Development of a new programming language
    • Hedging tool for public-traded commodities
    • Airline flight plan and crew scheduling tool to maximize capacity utilization and minimize costs
    • Forecast tools for public market goods/services
    • Applications for energy sourcing in the production industry
    • a.m.m.