Transportation, Supply & Logistics

Our product portfolio for this sector offers you solutions for various problems:
  • Optimization of supply chains with respect to various objectives (e.g. maximal service, minimal cost, multi-objective optimization)
  • Perfect aviation scheduling
    • Flight path optimization
    • Investment and expansion planning
    • Human resource allocation optimization
  • Optimization of transport networks
    To avoid stoppages and bottlenecks
    Also applicable to variable, often changing transport networks, which may be affected by the weather, traffic jams, bottlenecks etc.
  • Traffic flow analysis
  • Prediction of favourability or non-favourability of horizontal merging, direct competition, and strategic partnerships (Optimal supply chain policies – Make-or-buy decisions, supply chain strategy)
  • Risk Management – minimization of stoppages

This list is just an example what DAGOPT transportation, supply & logistics could do for you, there are many other optimization applications ready to put your business into pole position. For instance we have already worked on projects for city planning with focus on traffic avoidance and an airline flight plan and a crew scheduling tool to maximize capacity utilization and minimize costs.