Energy Solutions

The project spectrum is multidimensional. Our solutions can be applied in any business area. However, we especially gathered expertise in the energy sector. Here we could serve you with:
  1. Data analysis of the past for predicting development of demand for the entire power consumption
    • Analysis of connection to weather data (temperature, wind, etc.), water power data, special classes of days (winter, summer, weekday, weekend, exceptional days), etc.
    • Investigation of influence of pump storage plants and other storage plants and influence of peak-load electricity generation plants (startup costs)
    • Consideration of wind data and influence of providers of green electricity on market price
  2. Modeling of connection between demand, prices of primary energy carriers and prices on electricity spot market (Phelix, Swissix, etc.) and on futures market (Phelix, Swissix, etc.)
    • Our prediction models include (by adequate models and data analysis) effect of pump storage plants and wind prediction data to improve prediction quality on spot market prices.
    • Usage of models for whole days - in contrast to hourly models which are usually employed
    • Modeling of startup costs and their influence on electricity price
    • Integration of appropriate models for situations of monopoly and oligopoly markets
  3. Optimal operation of power plants
    • Technical analysis and delivery of mathematical models for single power plants
    • Delivery of data for optimally operating single power plants or small clusters of power plants to satisfy a given demand curve. Possibility to provide a tool for continuously adapting to regulating energy when deviations from predicted demand curve are observed
  4. Investment prediction
    • Application of latest prediction models to provide data for estimating profitability of new power plants and information on optimal technology portfolio for future demand and emission regulations
  5. Optimal hedging
    • Analysis of connection between demand, electricity price and prices of primary energy carriers
    • Delivery of information on most probable development of electricity futures and better points in time for hedging primary energy carriers
  6. Market for gas
    • Data analysis and calculation of data known to be most influential on gas demand, e.g. temperature, class of day, etc.
    • Analysis and calculation of international demand (if sufficient data available)
    • Optimization of utilization of pipelines and gas storage tanks