Our solutions - What we do

DAGOPT delivers practical solutions for complex business problems. The final result is usually an individualized software tool which serves your needs perfectly.

We help you to handle the accelerating complexity of the business environment.

The complexity of doing business in a globalized world has been steadily increasing. To sustainably utilize a competitive advantage against competitors, it is critical to optimize the usage of given resources, thus, every single business process of the value chain.

We provide you with the tools to tackle the shortcomings of standard software applications.

Common optimization software is usually based on linear optimization methods or standard solvers, which simplify the original problem. Typically the number of possible input parameters to be considered is limited. As a consequence, the solution output tends to be suboptimal.

We create intelligent and user-friendly software or enhance existing frameworks.

We apply state-of-the-art mathematical data analysis, forecasting and optimization to industrial problems. Our self-developed optimization software packages allow us to combine standard solvers and specialized modules. Due to our experience, we find the best combination of optimization modules for a given problem.

We are offering our expertise in data analysis and mathematical optimization and modeling in our three core-sectors: