Our approach - How we do it

Higher Mathematics for non-mathematicians

DAGOPT works in a quite specific field of higher mathematical science. However, you don’t have to be a mathematician to understand and work with our software.

For non-mathematicians the relevant difference to alternative products could be explained like this:

Person X wants to travel from location A to location B in the most efficient way. A and B are randomly chosen locations and could be anywhere on our planet. Person X would like to know, which vehicle and which route should be taken.

Standard software tools will give as a result a specific vehicle (e.g. car) for a specific route which was calculated as the most efficient for this vehicle.

In contrast, the DAGOPT tool will return not only one vehicle for one route but the best vehicle-combination for an optimized range of routes (e.g. sometimes a bicycle could be more efficient than a car, e.g. through forests). Additionally, DAGOPT considers weather forecasts, petrol prices, physical condition of the driver and external risk factors, like waiting periods (e.g. for crossing the border).

Even common sense of a non-mathematician agrees that the result has to be substantially better.